Nkhensani Rihlampfu takes a positive stand on the weight of both our country’s and our family’s luggage. Exploring the idea that our family’s responsibilities are carried on the shoulders by paying tribute to their courage and strength. These are the people who contribute to our communities despite their circumstances. They move us forward with no regard to the weight that they are carrying with them.

Due to strain of their load, their well-being is often negatively effected and their reward for their determination is usually neglected and unappreciated.

Nkhensani explores the labour intensive work and the psychology behind what drives this small faction of our community to keep moving forward despite their situation and status within our society.




B-Tech in Fine and Applied Arts from Tshwane University of Technology in 2011


Work Experience

2013-April 2016: Workhorse Bronze Foundry

Occupation:       Wax Specialist

2012-2013:       Dept. Sports Arts Culture and Recreation

Occupation:       Creative Arts Internship

2010-2011:        Pretoria Art Museum

Occupation:       Tour Guide, Project Facilitator



2018     ABSA ‘Talking to deaf ears’

2017     FNB Joburg Art Fair

2017     Turbine Art Fair

2017     Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair

2017     Upstairs Bamboo

2017     Ornico City Art Auction

2016     FNB Joburg Art Fair

2016     ABSA L’Atelier

2016     PPC Imaginarium

2016     Lizamore and Associates;

2016     MB Studios

2015     Lizamore and Associates

2014     Turbine Art Fair;

2014     Jo’burg Jo’burg – Standard Bank Building

2013     Black Like Me – Manor Gallery

2012     Pretoria Art Museum

2012     Unisa (Kgorong Art Gallery)

2011     Centurion Art Gallery

2010     ABSA L’Atelier;

2010     Grahams town Arts Festival

Photo credits SarahMcgee@Mstudiocommunity.co.za